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and tall woodlands lies Pleiades Farm, a little sugar camp with all the necessary modern technology to produce Ohio's best Maple Syrup.

The Pleiades Farm sugar camp has a tradition of making high quality maple syrup that has endured over 80 years. With our extremely high standards in maple syrup production we are able to consistently provide a maple syrup with superior taste and color. The 2013 season in Ohio started slowly, but now plenty of Pleiades Farms excellent tasting maple syrup. Weather and temperatures were optimum for high quality Maple Syrup production.

Maple Syrup is an excellent food source for the young and old alike, particularly the health conscious individual.

Pure maple syrup is 100% natural and a perfect sweetener for use in many cooking and baking needs. Unlike sugar, maple syrup can be completely digested, helping to keep blood sugar levels more even.